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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Destination Wedding Advice: Treasure the Small Moments

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words and image courtesy of The Polka Dot Bride

Polka Dot Bride was little bit late on my monthly column for Anti-Bride, you see life got in the way of writing and it made me think – life, the trials, the tribulations, the upsets and the sadnesses can often get in the way of celebrating. Being a bride is no easy feat. Not only are your days filled with more joy that you can imagine at marrying the one you love, but they’re also filled with pain and sadness over arguments, longings, wishes and dreams that may not be able to come true. Remembering to breathe, to smell the roses, to embrace the moments you are enjoying, the moments that you will look back on one day and remember fondly or remember – a little wiser, will make this time so much easier to bear.

Take the time to have a cup of tea with your loved one in the sunshine and dream of fantasies, take time to go on a country drive with your fiancée and enjoy the scenery. Read, really read the congratulatory messages your receive. Ground your feet and feel the earth between your toes. Hold each other tighter, dance in the darkness of your living room, cook your favourite meal while drinking your favourite wine, let the waves of giddiness envelope your personal little bubble. This is the time to embrace your emotions – both good and bad and feel what your life is bringing you. Stay in the moment and treasure every second.

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