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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Plan Your Dream Honeymoon:Travel Tips from an Expert

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words and photo courtesy of Katie with

Katie took her love of traveling and turned it into a full time job – planning honeymoons! At, couples can get tips on how to create their dream honeymoon and peruse featured destinations. As a travel expert and honeymoon-planning aficionado, Katie has written some must-do’s when planning your honeymoon.

1. If you're looking to relax on a beautiful beach for your honeymoon, don't fly too far from home! Find the nearest coastline, this way you can spend more of your budget on a great hotel, spa and fun activities rather than on your flights. Plus this gives you more time on your honeymoon and less time traveling!

2. If there is any activity you want to do during your honeymoon then make sure schedule it ahead of time! A safari, bus tour, spa package, zip lining, wine tasting or snorkeling... whatever you imagine you and your sweetie doing definitely look into it ahead of time. If you wait until you arrive you may find they've booked up, raised prices or doesn't fit into your schedule. It's always best to be prepared!

3. The number one thing I hear from my couples is how thankful they were to have their first day or two of the honeymoon to recuperate! After all the wedding day stress, traveling and time changes don't try to load the first day full of activities. Take a day or two to relax, sleep, unwind and soak up the fact that you're now married! Start planning your actives for the second or third day of your trip, you'll enjoy them so much more!

4. I know in movies and on TV you often see the couple saying "I do" and hopping on a plane just a few hours later for their honeymoon. I say give yourself a day or two after the wedding before departing on your trip. This way you can relax, pack and spend a little more time with out of town wedding guests. Plus it is usually cheaper and easier to fly on a Monday or Tuesday than on a Sunday!

5. Talk about what you will want to do during your honeymoon with your fiancé! If one of you just wants to relax on a beach and the other wants to go on adventures then figure out a way to compromise! Maybe alternate a day of relaxing followed by a day full of activities, or you can split your honeymoon between two different destinations. For example, go to Italy and stay on the Amalfi Coast to relax, and then head to Rome and experience the culture and history!

6. Consult an expert! Their familiarity and experience can help you decide on the right destination, advise on the best hotels, request upgrades and find you the best deals.

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