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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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I often hear recently engaged couples remarking on their sticker shock when it comes to weddings. They feel if they even mention the “W” word, the price automatically doubles or even triples. I always cringe to get this feedback, because I had the same experience when I was married nearly six years ago. Albeit, there is far more creativity and talent in the industry now than ever before, but the fact has remained, weddings can be expensive.

Recently I came across someone doing an extra little somethin’ for her brides and she’s not even charging for it.

Stephanie Hopper Medina, Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Specialist (and franchise owner) at All About Honeymoons was inspired by her very own wedding to create something incredibly helpful for her couples…a web site that acts as a travel concierge!

When I opened the site for the first time I remarked on how easy to navigate and professional it felt. With great music, layout and easy to find information I thought, surely there is an up-charge for something like this?

Nope, no charge at all.

I reached out to Stephanie to find out what was behind going above and beyond for her clients. “I have a background in meeting planning for corporations. So when I was trying to coordinate 1200 people for a cruise, I would create these web sites to communicate important travel information. I decided to create the same thing for my couples and their guests,” says Stephanie. That, combined with her own experience as a destination bride, convinced her to pull the trigger on creating these sites. “Although destination weddings have become more common, most invited guests are experiencing the concept for the first time. I like to empower them with information…encouraging them to make it a true vacation!”

“The web sites I create help each couple to ‘market’ their destination wedding to their invited guests…and hopefully these web sites will entice them if they’re ‘on the fence’ about attending,” says Stephanie. “It’s also a convenient tool for me to convey lots of details and saves me time fielding individual phone calls and emails. Once the guests see the site, they find most of the information they need about the trip.” Everyone who is a travel specialist at All About Honeymoons creates PDF’s for the bride and her guests that contains the same information, but so far, Stephanie is stepping out in creating that little extra convenience in putting it into a web site format.

“Most brides do a destination wedding because they don’t want to sweat the small stuff, so this works perfectly for the type of client we work with,” says Stephanie. Plus, 60% of her clients didn’t have the intention of building their own personal web site, so it feels like a gift to them, taking the “travel monkey” off their back, she admits.

“I wanted it to look professional, but still have a personal feel. It’s designed not to feel like the resort web site. So it gives an example of what their own personal scrapbook might look like when they get home vs. stock images that the hotels offer.”

Either way, Stephanie is going the extra mile for her brides – so much so, that she’s been recognized by the corporation’s owner, Greg Strobach, and he’s hoping other franchise owners and specialists may employ the same template for their brides. To check out a sample of one of Stephanie’s helpful sites, click here.

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