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Monday, August 8, 2011

Destination Wedding France: This Couple Made Their Chateau Dreams Come True

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Tabitha McCausland Photography

This is one of the most unique destination weddings we’ve seen in a while, but it’s certainly no less beautiful for it. Before Jordan and Andrew were even dating, they both saw a T.V. show where a couple got married in the French countryside. They jokingly commented about how that would be an amazing way to get married. As their relationship grew steadily more serious, they couldn’t see themselves exchanging vows anywhere else.

Jordan and Andrew had each been to Paris before, but never together. They knew they wanted to get married in a chateau outside Paris and that the wedding would have a vintage/shabby-chic feel. The couple found a gorgeous 1890’s countryside chateau online, but still had some reservations.

“It’s hard not being able to physically see or visualize where you are hosting guests for the most important day of your life,” says Jordan. “We went through a very trustworthy rental agency, but it’s still very nerve-wracking to not know exactly what you’re in for. When we pulled up to the entrance gate, tears filled my eyes because all the stress, anxiety and fear of the unknown was gone.”

The dream venue was Chateau de Canapelle in Canaples, France, a small village about 1 ½ hours outside Paris. Both the bride and groom’s families stayed in the chateau the week leading up to the wedding and spent loads of quality time together. As a special treat to their guests, the couple hosted a dinnertime cruise down the Seine a few days before the wedding. This was a great opportunity for the wedding party to spend quality time together while seeing Paris from the water. No doubt this was an evening no one will ever forget!

I mentioned in the beginning that this was one of the more unique wedding submissions we have seen in a while. I understand if you’re thinking, “French countryside, chateau, family – this sounds like classic romance to me.”

You’re right about all of that, but what was so special about Jordan and Andrew’s wedding was their unique plan and details. In order to have their dream Parisian wedding, but stay within their budget, the couple let go of the reins a bit and found unique solutions.

“Having been to Paris before, we knew there would be infinite amounts of roadside florists and were able to wait until the week of the wedding to order the white peonies,” says Jordan. “The day before the wedding, we went to the florist and helped design the bouquet and French boutonnieres and then stood there while she made them.”

I love this couples fearlessness and creativity – it’s not every bride that could wait until the day before her wedding to pick out her flowers! Jordan and Andrew were also easy going when it came to their cake – but for a traditional French croquembouche, they had to be! “We went into a local boulangerie, showed them the picture of what we wanted for a traditional French wedding cake,” says Jordan. “Because of the moistness and non-strudy texture of the cream puffs, that cake had to be made the day of [the wedding] and picked up that same morning. “My father and father-in-law drove to pick up the cake and made it back just in time for the 10:30 a.m. ceremony!”

The couple had a beautiful, traditional wedding ceremony at the rear of the chateau. Jordan was gorgeous and her flowers – spot on! There was one thing which didn’t quite go as planned for the bride and that was a surprise from her husband. He managed to get her wedding shoes – Christian Louboutins – signed by the designer himself! Now if that’s not a wedding day souvenir, I don’t know what is!

The ceremony was followed by a small brunch prepared by the couple’s family and a traditional French wedding toast called a “Kir Royale.” The cocktail is made by combining Crème de Cassis, a black currant liquer, with French Champagne. After a brief reception, the couple hopped into a car and set off for Paris for their wedding photos. The guests settled in to relax and celebrate the new joining of their families.

The couple had spent the week with their families and chose, in place of a traditional wedding reception, to spend the day in Paris in their wedding attire taking photos. Je l'aime! The couple were in the city until nearly midnight and visited their favorite historical sites throughout Paris including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Parliament Building, to name a few.

With love, a little savvy and whole lot of guts, this couple made their French destination wedding dreams come true! The couple has no regrets and has some words of advice for other couple’s considering a destination wedding, “It can be extremely intimidating, but just know it will work out because it always does! Put all your worries and concerns aside and just DO IT!”

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