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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Destination Wedding Nassau: A Vibrant, Tropical Affair

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Taken Photography

Having a destination wedding really allows a couple to break from tradition and have a wedding that exudes their personality and style. Melissa and John did just that by traveling to beautiful Nassau, Bahamas. Their tropical location helped directed the wedding’s overall style and what resulted was anything but traditional.

The couple planned and executed a colorful, fun and laid back W-day which took advantage of their tropical seaside location. Their venue, Compass Point, fit their whimsical theme to a tee with multi-colored cabanas and everything Melissa and John needed to pull off the wedding of their dreams.

Come W-day, the couple was joined by a dozen or so of their closest friends and family. They exchanged vows in a simple ceremony at the end of a dock. With the sound of peaceful waves in the background, Melissa and John said, “I do” surrounded by all those who mean the most to them.

The reception was set on the grounds of Compass Point and included vibrant linens, accessories and flowers. If there was any doubt that this was a joyous affair, the décor certainly reflected the happy occasion.

Having a destination wedding gives couples much more freedom to stray from the traditional white and have exactly the wedding they’ve always envisioned. Melissa and John accomplished this with a beautiful Bahamas setting, vivid color scheme and, of course, their love for each other.

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