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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Register for Tickets, Not Toasters For Your Wedding!

Words by Courtney Kellar
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Wedding Ticket Registry has launched a new service to enable engaged couples to register for tickets to cultural and sporting events across the country, supplementing or even replacing the traditional registry for household goods. The new, FREE service aggregates tickets from the largest online tickets sellers to provide couples with a limitless inventory from which to choose. Think Jersey Boys to Snoop Dogg, or the New York Yankees to Real Madrid, the new service aims to transform how modern couples celebrate their marriage. It’s easy to use and allows couples to search by location, genre, date, or the specific event name.

“The web site re-thinks how we ask our loved ones to symbolize their support of an upcoming marriage,”said founder Bo Massopust. “Ask yourself, can crazy Uncle John really get excited over the purchase of one more salad bowl? Just think how much more fun he will have giving you tickets to the big game. The college friend you took dance classes with could get you item #3497 off some generic registry, or they could get you seats to the Bolshoi Ballet.”

Wedding Ticket Registry looks to showcase that a memorable experience together is more valuable, and certainly more romantic, than more “stuff.” Wedding Ticket Registry is easy to share through Facebook, Twitter, customizable links for your wedding webpage, personal web-site and email. Tickets not toasters.

Currently popular on Wedding Ticket Registry:
Sports: NCAA Football, Boston Red Sox, Green Bay Packers, 2011 US Open Tennis
Concert: Adele, Taylor Swift, Phish, U2
Theater: Daniel Tosh, Wicked, Book of Mormon, Billy Elliot

For more information contact:
Bo Massopust
Wedding Ticket Registry
San Francisco, CA

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