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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This Mexican Destination Wedding is One of Our Favorites!

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Kate Harrison Photography

A perk of choosing to do a destination wedding is being able to share a special place with all your friends and family. That is just what Jane and Tameez chose to do. The couple took a road trip to Campeche, Mexico as friends and came back an item and in love. When the time came to decide where to devote themselves to each other for life, Campeche was the answer.

The couple’s choice of venue was a cinch – Hacienda Uayamon is committed to sustainability, environmental welfare and keeping intact local history and traditions. It’s the dedication to the surrounding region and Campeche’s history which encouraged Hacienda Uayamon to keep the amazing ruins on site that now make it so distinctive.

When the time for W-day came, the couple and 28 guests traveled south of the border to the town bordering the Gulf of Mexico. Jane and Tameez exchanged vows under the arches of ancient ruins. Both of their respective cultures were represented in the wedding’s proceedings. The ceremony included both Asian and Indian aspects.

The couple’s reception was made unique by the dramatic setting in which it took place. Because of the enormous tree, impressive lighting and striking background – Jane kept the reception details rather muted. The dinnerware, as well as the guests favors were all done in pale greens and yellows to complement the natural, outdoor setting.

Jane and Tameez did a wonderful job of letting their ceremony/reception location do the hard work for them. They merely made the setting their own by bringing along their families, love and happiness. This is surely a wedding no one in attendance will soon forget.

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