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Monday, August 15, 2011

Venpop Customers Get Bridal Bling

Words by Courtney Kellar
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Venpop offers retailers the best way to reward loyal fans and follower…

Traditionally brands have turned to deal platforms such as Groupon, RueLaLa, and Gilt to gain customers. The large audiences of these deal platforms appeal to retailers and in the immediate result in sales. However, the sales are often at a loss for the retailer and they rarely, if ever, result in loyal customers. To gain loyal fans, brands can also forgo offering deals that only appeal to deal-hunters and instead look to reward their repeat customers. Venpop’s social group deal platform allows retailers to share exclusive deals with those who deserve it most; their loyal customers.

Venpop lets retailers offer their fans and followers what their fans and followers want most; exclusive offers from the brand they are loyal to. Offers can be both flash-sale goods and/or coupons for in-store or online purchases. Venpop combines this with the ability to target specific offers by location, categories, and times of the day or week. Such deals are available only to current customers, fans, and followers of the brand. Retailers can further incentivize their fans by offering customer referral bonuses and by making it easy for fans and followers to share brand deals on social networks.

“We believe there are many different ways to reward and engage your loyal fan base that goes beyond the traditional discount coupon. We designed a platform that would enable a variety of scenarios from an exclusive pre-sale of a new collection to a two-hour deal for an in-store special. It’s all about enabling our retail customers to engage and reward their customers,” says Max Ciccotosto, CEO of Venpop.

The Venpop Social group offering is available now to Venpop customers. Current retailers using the social group deal application include designer Amanda Pearl, novelty gift supplier Karma Kiss, and eco-friendly retailer Green Feet.

About Venpop: Venpop is the leading social commerce platform that easily and effectively enables retailers to market their products on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Venpop combines this with the ability to target specific offers by location, category and time of day. Advanced analytics provide insights on how and where customers are engaging with the retailer’s products, allowing for valuable, instant feedback. The Venpop’s social deal offering is part of the Venpop Social Commerce platform, which quite simply lets retailers leverage social media marketing in one easy, effective, and affordable solution.

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