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Friday, September 23, 2011

Walk for a Cause!

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photo courtesy of Melissa Jill Photography

One of our fabulous friends in the industry - Melissa Jill Photography ( - is doing a walk on October 1st to help raise money for autism research. The issue is near and dear to her heart for two major reasons: Noah and Elijah, her nephews.

I just gave birth to a son, who is also named Noah, so we got to talking about her nephews and she shared that they have both been diagnosed with autism. She explained how amazing they are and how they bring so much joy to her family, and also the challenges they face. Here is an excerpt from her blog about these incredible boys:

Noah is eleven and the brain wizard. Let's say his mother's cell phone rings. Only the number shows on the display screen. No name. BUT, the number is also in his FATHER'S cell phone. In the contact list WITH the name. Noah will then, seeing only a number, recognize the caller anyway (based on his memory of his father's contact list), and act as his mother's official caller ID.

Elijah is 9 and has a different set of talents. He is the escape artist. Unusually strong for his age, he has scaled the impossible brick wall in his backyard and ended up in the neighbor's pool more than once... and never with clothing. Elijah is not one for clothing. He prefers (or insists) on being in his most natural state, most of the time. And it really is no surprise that he enjoys the pool, since his other favorite past time is watching Michael Phelps win the gold medal on video tape over, and over, and over again. Standing, staring, watching the long smooth motion and the powerful splashing, and the back and forth and back and forth. No matter what mistakes Michael Phelps may make in his life, Elijah will never lose faith.

I will be walking with Melissa and her family on October 1st to help support them and autism research. If you are looking for alternative wedding favors, donating to a worthy cause like autism research is a great thing to do. You don't have to ship anything to your destination and you'll be aiding children at the same time! Or, if you're just wanting to forgo your Starbucks addiction for a day, please think about giving. Even if it's $5, every little bit helps. Just think, 1 in 110 children have autism and that continues to rise...

Here is the donation page if you would like to help get to the $4,000 goal for Noah and Elijah's team:!.html

For an inspiring story about Melissa's family and nephews, click here:

Thank you!

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