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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Destination Wedding Mexico: A Perfectly Planned Affair

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Maria Angela Photography

After attending the destination wedding of her best friend, Jaime knew that when the time came, she too would be getting married away. So, when Talis got down on one knee, the search began for the perfect destination for their dream wedding. Ironically, the first place crossed off the list is where they ultimately ended up.

“Mexico was actually the first place we ruled out,” says Jaime. “We looked into Hawaii, smaller Caribbean islands and even Italy, but once we started looking at pricing, we had to go back to the drawing board. After seeing the outstanding value for your money in Mexico, it became a no-brainer.”

Once the couple decided to make the trek south of the border from Texas, they still had the task of selecting their venue from hundreds of options in Riviera Maya, Mexico. “The factors we looked into were cost, the beach, the amenities, whether it was ranked at least 4 stars, if children were allowed and if it was an all-inclusive,” says Jaime. “I had a spreadsheet made up listing my favorite resorts and ranking them each by category. Once we narrowed it down, we took a weekend to visit the locations. Almost immediately upon our arrival at Azul Sensatori, we knew it was the place!”

A wedding coordinator was provided for the couple as a part of their wedding package and Jaime and Talis say this was a tremendous help. However, Jaime needed some additional support and found it in the form of a forum. Best Destination Weddings is a forum she found online which had a specific thread for her chosen venue. “I couldn’t imagine planning this wedding without those girls,” says Jaime. “I feel like I made some great friends through the forum.”

Jaime also created some unique touches all on her own. She created “welcome books” for each of her guests which she said was extremely time consuming, but more than worth it! “They included information on everything the guests would need: a schedule of events, bar/restaurant info, a map of the resort, a map of Cancun and my favorite – ‘Who’s Who at Talis and Jamie’s Wedding.’

We included a picture and write-up of every person attending the wedding. This was the biggest hit and for the entire trip we would see people flipping through the book studying who everyone was. It also served as an icebreaker for everyone. Lots of time, tears and laughter went into making it and it was so worth it!”

Jaime and Talis have some last words of wisdom for other couples considering a destination wedding. “It’s crucial to remind yourself of the purpose of this event. It’s about celebrating the love of you and your fiancé and bringing together the most important people in your lives. It’s OK to be selfish, it’s actually one of the few opportunities in your life in which you NEED to be selfish. When deciding between “A” and “B” it’s OK to ask others what they think, but it’s more important than anything that you make the decisions which make you as a couple most happy.”

Photography: Maria Angela Photography
Venue: Azul Sensatori Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico
Wedding Coordinator: Courtesy of resort
Gown Designer: Allure Bridal
Groom’s Clothing Designer: Tom Ford & Banana Republic

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