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Friday, November 11, 2011

Destination Wedding Puerto Vallarta: This Couple Stayed the Course!

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Kristen Alexander Photography

Stephanie and Jim always saw themselves saying “I do” in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta was their choice for a destination wedding for multiple reasons. For one, Stephanie has family in Mexico who regularly vacation in Puerto Vallarta (I always say, go where the locals go) and secondly because of their love of the area’s locals and lush foliage.

While their decision was an easy one, some of their guests took a little convincing. With the increased violence in western Mexico, some of the couple’s guests were hesitant to head south of the border. However, in the end, almost everyone attended and what resulted was a magical destination wedding full of love and friendship.

While everyone arrived safe and sound, it wasn’t without difficulties. Unfortunately, an enormous winter storm rolled in the day before a lot of the guests were set to leave the states. Flights were cancelled, but Stephanie and Jim brought their a-game to rearrange flight plans with all the different airlines on behalf of their guests.

On the big day, the couple and their guests took a catamaran cruise to and from their chosen venue, Las Caletas. Stephanie and Jim embraced their destination by exchanging vows on the beach surrounded my local tropical flora. The couple credits their wedding coordinator, Kelley Kahrhoff, for helping them perfect their dream wedding vision.

The couple was smart and didn’t enter into a relationship with a wedding coordinator without doing their research. Stephanie and Jim looked into the weddings Kelley had done in the past and called multiple references before signing a contract. Be sure the person who will be handling your wedding day is someone you can truly trust!

Stephanie and Jim have some last words of advice for other couples planning their dream destination wedding: “Go with your heart and have the wedding you want to have. So many people tried to keep us away from Mexico, but we went with what we wanted and had our dream wedding!”

Photography: Kristen Alexander Photography
Venue: Las Caletas
Wedding Coordinator/Florist: Kelley Kahrhoff with Vallarta Adventures
Gown Designer: Venus-Pallas Athena
Groom’s Clothing Designer: Hugo Boss
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen’s Clothing: Liz Fields/Island Importer

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