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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Online Wedding Registry: Donations Toward the Home of Your Dreams!

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
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The exciting thing about planning a destination wedding is being able to design a custom experience from start to finish and watch the trends transform around you. Recently, registries have been changing as much as the bridal industry itself. There are more options than ever for couples who don’t want to do a traditional wedding registry, but want to opt for something online instead. We came across a registry option which is perfect for destination wedding couples and entirely unique to the registry realm. is an easy and interactive way for your family and friends to contribute towards your down payment on a new home. Couples are typically uncomfortable just asking for cash and this is a creative way for your loved ones to give you what you really need, but still feel like they’re “buying” you something. So, how does it all work?

First, sign up for FREE – we checked – it really is free. Then, design a virtual home of your dreams which guests can help contribute money towards. Whether it’s a brownstone on a city street or a cottage in the countryside, once created, your loved ones can donate towards different parts of the home such as a window, the front door or even a set of wine glasses.

Like most clever inventions, the site originated out of need. Rieve and Erin were an engaged San Francisco couple who began the company as a part of their own wedding planning. They didn’t need items from a traditional wedding. What they really wanted was help with buying their first home together.

“Many couples who choose not to register at a retail location don’t need house wares or else don’t have a place to store them,” says Rieve. “Some live in small apartments and many combine households, doubling inventory as they move in together. At odds with what to register for, it’s important that these couples have a way to save toward larger items such as a home down payment, furniture or even home improvements.” works in cooperation with Pay Pal. Simply sign up for a free Pay Pal account and all your funds will be donated into your bank account – free of charge. This simplifies a potentially complicated process and is a cinch for destination wedding couples. For more information or to start creating your own dream home, visit

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