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Friday, February 10, 2012

Destination Wedding South Africa: An Informal, Unique Affair

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Mathias Fast Photography

We get roughly 4,000 real wedding submissions a year here at Destination I Do and they vary in every way possible: destination, venue, theme & style. While today’s wedding might not knock your socks off with its elaborate theme and myriad of details, it’s certainly unique. Walker and Mieke traveled all the way to the Western Cape of South Africa to say “I do.”

The couple was moving to another country shortly after their wedding, so it was a great opportunity to get all of their closest family and friends together for a joyous farewell send off. What makes this wedding different isn’t just the exotic destination, but fun and playful venue – a houseboat! The couple and most of their guests stayed on board for the days leading up to the wedding to enjoy some sun and swimming.

While fun and unique, the boat wasn’t necessarily luxurious – the electric generator provided light, but hair dryers and flat irons weren’t an option. What resulted was a fun, no-fuss event. The couple wanted the event so low-key they didn’t even hire traditional vendors for a lot of their details. What the couple couldn’t do themselves they simply opted-out of.

While not your traditional black-tie affair, Walker and Mieke wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. “It was difficult to coordinate with vendors so we did everything ourselves and liked it that way,” recalls Walker, the bride. “We also liked that it was very unique and the destination made it informal.” Regardless of whether or not this wedding is your style, there's something to be said for doing things your own, unique way!

Photographer: Mathias Fast Photography
Ceremony/Reception: Langebaan Lagoon, Nirvana Houseboat
Florist: Bouquets by Flowers in the Foyer

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