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Friday, April 20, 2012

Destination Wedding: An Intimate Trip to Prague

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Lauren Rubino
Photography courtesy of Sherri Barber/Kurt Vinion

For Roni and Tom, their wedding day was more intimate and unique than most destination weddings. The two decided to elope, but not to the courthouse or to Vegas. They decided to elope to Prague, Czech Republic - alone.

“It just fit us,” says Roni. “[There was] so much pressure coming from the parents that we decided to do our own thing, and keep it romantic.”

When it came to picking the location, they had heard it was one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and with the help of their wedding coordinator, Andrea, they were reassured everything would go smoothly.

The couple felt some heat from their family and friends with their decision to run away to the European city, but eventually their loved ones came around.

“They finally saw it as our day, and our day alone, and we should enjoy it,” recalls the bride. “We made sure there were plenty of great pictures to bring home to friends and family.”

The couple kept their wedding simple. It was truly about them and their love with no one else interfering. With no guest lists to worry about they didn’t have to go through the stresses of planning a reception or a dinner, or making any sort of travel arrangements for out of town-ers.

Money wise, they spent much less on their destination wedding than if they had said, "I do" in their hometown. They were also able to splurge on other things for themselves, versus guests.

“[If we would have had the wedding at home] everyone would have been there and I think I would have been much more stressed out,” said Roni.

The main things the two had to do was work with their coordinator and send money to the appropriate places in Prague.

“It was scary at first,” says Roni. “Sending all this money out into the unknown and hoping that there will be a wedding when you show up. We worked with true professionals and they kept us completely at ease.”

The wedding day was perfect and completely about the two becoming husband and wife.

“More people should do a destination wedding," recalls the bride. "It’s a great experience. Your wedding day is so much more than a day. It last several days and it’s more like a wedding trip. I felt our elopement was, in a way, so much more meaningful and romantic because we ran off and did it. The whole trip was just superb.”

Photographers: Sherri Barber/Kurt Vinion
Wedding Planner: Andrea of exclusive weddings in Prague
Ceremony/Reception Site: Vrtbovska Gardens

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