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Monday, April 16, 2012

Flutter those Lashes at your Destination Wedding

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Lauren Rubino

Getting married is one of the biggest days of your life and, you as the bride, want to look your very best. The checklist some of you may have includes things like: dress, makeup, heels, veil, jewelry, nails, spray tan, hair etc. One thing which may go over looked is something small, but when enhanced, they may be the cherry on top of your entire look.

False eyelashes!

Don’t be intimidated by this tiny accessory because when applied right, they can really make your eyes pop and give you that star quality.

Eylure, an award winning UK based company has now traveled overseas to the U.S. and given us a product which will be a must-have for many of you.

Teaming up with Ulta, the two companies have managed to premiere 22 of their most popular false eyelash creations. Prices are extremely reasonable and come in a variety of styles, giving you the option to have a classic look or a dramatic, intense look.

Regardless, there is bound to be a style for you.

Katy Perry has also teamed up with Eylure, coming out with her Katy Perry by Eylure line of lashes. The singer says the lashes are what she wore on her tour and really loved them.

Katy decided on four specific kinds of lashes, Sweetie Pie, Oh, Honey!, Cool Kitty and Oh, My!. They cost about $6.99 and, according to one of our makeup enthusiasts here at Destination I Do, they were awesome!
“It was kind of hard to get them on, but only because I'm not experienced at putting fake eyelashes on. They looked so good, but at the same time didn't give me that 'fake' look. I think they would get easier to apply, it's just like learning how to apply makeup a different way, I would just need to practice."

So ladies, the next time you are running through your bridal list of to-do's, don't forget to jot down a note to buy some false eyelashes from Eylure. They may be the missing piece to complete your wedding look.

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