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Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Get Toned During Your Everyday Commute

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by: Kelly Ryan
Information provided by: Melissa Paris

Planning a destination wedding can be time consuming at best, and many brides find little or no time for the gym. Luckily, Melissa Paris can come to the working bride‚Äôs aide.  Having achieved a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Montclair State University, Melissa has years of personal training and healthy living under her belt, and has agreed to share her secrets to getting toned during the commute to work. Below are questions asked by brides and answered for brides.

Are abdominal exercises while sitting on a subway or bus really effective?

The transverse abs are the deep muscles of your abdominals, they act as a girdle that hold everything together. You can work this these muscles anywhere anytime. Simply draw your belly button in towards your spine (while sitting or standing) hold for 15 seconds and repeat. This is a really easy way to strengthen and tone your core without any time lost. Also, 10 minutes before bed hold three, one minute planks.

If I swap my 10 block walk with a light jog, will that actually amount to weight loss after a certain period of time?

If your also watching your diet absolutely! But it's not always about losing weight it's about being healthy and keeping your heart healthy. Going for a walk with a co-worker or meeting with a friend that works in the next building is a great way to get out, get moving, and get fresh air!

What can I do to take advantage of all the time I spend waiting around on a subway platform?

A simple move that does not require moving around is Calve raises. Simply start on your flat feet, then push up on your toes, hold for a two to three count, lower and repeat. You can also use this time to practice those transverse abdominal breathing exercises stated above.

What are some essentials to keep in my on-the-go gym bag?

Deodorant, extra socks, water bottle, snack bag size of bear naked trail mix, extra hair ties.

What exercises can I do once I get to work?

Taking the stairs, making a point to get out of your chair every 10 minutes, stretching your hips by putting your right ankle by left knee and hold for 30 seconds and switch, stretch your arms and torso by holding the back of chair and twisting to each side hold for 30 seconds each.  Make sure to breathe on each count.

A workout that's so easy you can do it on the way to work without attracting unwanted stares. Melissa has you covered when it comes to staying healthy and fit for your big day. Plan your destination wedding and keep up with your workout routine. For more workout tips visit her website Melissa Paris Fitness.

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