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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Perfect Your W-Day Look With the Correct Shapewear!

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox & Marianne Gimble
Photos courtesy of Va Bien Lingerie

Women spend countless hours searching for the perfect destination wedding dress, seeking out the best alterations and fine-tuning their W-day look. However, you can’t overlook what you’re wearing under your dream dress. After all, without the correct support and coverage, all that hard work could be hidden by a bad bra.  For help, we had Marianne Gimble, Va Bien Co-Founder & Fit Expert, weigh-in on what to wear with which dress. No matter what style of gown you’ve selected, there’s a piece of lingerie which will be the perfect support to help you make it down the aisle in style.


Our primary concern here is bust support; a bride should not have to spend her wedding day tugging up her dress because her bust is not supported properly. The most traditional problem-solver is the bustier. Not only will it cinch the waist, but the boning in the bodice will also help to hold up the bust. However, with the technology that exists today, it is also possible to wear a bandeau-style strapless bra, rather than a bustier and experience the same level of support – even for a very full-busted woman. Va Bien’s patented Ultra-Lift technology seals three thin stays inside the foam of each bra cup to provide strapless bras with the strength necessary to support the bust properly without straps – all the way up to an I cup.



Mermaid dresses, like trumpet and sheath silhouettes, can pose challenging innerwear issues. These dresses don’t flare out around the waist, hips or thighs; and therefore often call for shapewear underneath in order to achieve a smooth and shapely look. One option is a seamless bustier, which will support the bust, slim the waist, and if long enough, even shape the hips. Another option is a high waist control short or tights paired with a strapless bra, which will achieve the effects of a bustier – with just a bit less waist slimming – combined with derriere and thigh smoothing. 



Supporting the bust when wearing a backless dress can be challenging. While paste-on bras are an option, I recommend shopping for a convertible bra which comes with a “backless band:” a band that connects to the bra’s hooks, wraps down around the lower back and around the tummy, then comes back up the lower back to attach to the other end of the bra.  Just make sure that the band the bra comes with is wide and soft. If it’s narrow and has a sharp edge it will cut and leave an indentation, especially around the tummy.

 Ultra-Lift™ Low Plunge Convertible Bra#1502 - $64

With Straps/Sleeves for Full Figured Women:

Dresses with straps widen options for undergarments significantly. It makes bust support easy and can open the door for full figure women to wear firm control bodysuits, which tend to have wide comfort straps and will do great job trimming the torso.

 Smooth Underwire Bodysuit #1191 - $58.50 

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