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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Travel Size Luxury

Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Elite Therapeutics
With heightened security restrictions, it’s become more and more difficult to pack for traveling. As a frequent traveler, I know it’s difficult to find good, travel-size skin care products which meet the ounce requirements for TSA. When traveling abroad for your destination wedding or honeymoon, there’s no doubt you will want to keep your skin in tip-top shape for those once-in-a-lifetime photos. Finally, Elite Therapeutics has introduced a high-end luxury skin care line which comes in travel sizes: the First Class Skin Care Travel Pack.

Best of all, the line is unisex, meaning you and your sweetie can share products and pack half as much. Developed by radiation oncologist, Dr. Kevin Schewe, the Elite brand was initially developed to repair extreme skim damage as a result of radiation therapy. However, the line has now evolved to treat all skin damage; from sun damage to anti-aging. The key to the Elite brand is Vitamin E, a naturally occurring anti-oxidant which is a source of skin healing and reparation. The travel pack includes Elite Premier Crème, Elite Crème, Face and Body Wash, Deodorant and Lip Balm. The pack retails for sixty five dollars and can be found on

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