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Friday, November 9, 2012

Destination Wedding Lake Tahoe: A Fun Couple's Ideal Spot

Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Ciprian Photography
Mendy and Jim are a fun loving couple from Baltimore, Maryland. Despite living in the middle of downtown, they love everything about being outdoors and wanted their destination wedding to reflect that. “We thought about Colorado, but it was not a novel idea since we had friends do a destination [wedding] in Breckenridge,” says Jim. “We thought about Utah since that was our first trip together. However, Mendy reminded me that you’re regulated to drink 3.2% beer and that was out of the question (yet another reason why I knew she was the one).”

The groom tossed out the idea of Lake Tahoe on a whim and the couple quickly decided it was the perfect destination for them. They made a couple of visits to meet with their wedding planner, Merrily Wed, to pick a venue and do food tastings etc.  However, Mendy and Jim had a secret agenda. “We mainly went because we wanted to snowboard.” One minor complication was the somewhat chilly weather in Lake Tahoe during their wedding month of June. Thankfully, their wedding planner had a solution.

“The high dipped into the low 50s and there was actually snow in the forecast for the evening – not exactly ideal conditions for an outdoor wedding and reception,” says the couple. “However, Merrily scored us a 100 percent clear tent that worked our perfectly. We placed some heaters inside and everyone was comfortable for the entire afternoon and evening.” It’s true, the couple’s 57 guests were comfy, cozy and happy come W-day.

Mendy and Jim knew they wouldn’t meet much resistance in asking their friends and family to travel for their wedding. We counted almost 40 people who had never been to Lake Tahoe,” recalls the couple. “They were all completely blown away by the awesomeness of the location. The views, the weather, the activities not only provided us with an amazing, never-to-be-forgotten wedding, but also a fantastic experience and getaway for our guests. We had lots of friends who scheduled trips in to San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma and planned additional vacation time around the wedding. Many of our friends planned well in advance and shared large “mansions” with multiple couples so that lodging was reasonable and comfortable.”

Not surprisingly, Mendy and Jim are over the moon about their decision to have a destination wedding in lieu of a hometown affair. “Being 2,800 miles way and having an outstanding wedding planner located in the town of our wedding made things way less stressful than if we were only miles away from our wedding location doing it ourselves,” say the newlyweds. “We felt taken care of the whole way and we were just like our guests…enjoying the whole experience instead of worrying about details.”

This spunky couple has some last words of advice for other couples planning a destination wedding. “Don’t be afraid of a destination that is a bit far for some – it’s called a destination for a reason. If you love the location, chances are your guests will love it too. The more you try to please others with your location, the less special and genuine your wedding will be. Lastly, good appetizers make the reception – focus on those little bad boys.”

Photographer: Ciprian Photography
Wedding Planner: Merrily Wed
Destination: Lake Tahoe, California
Ceremony/Reception Site: Laughing Bear Lodge
Florist: Bellissima Floral
Catering: As You Wish
Gown Designer: Alfred Sung

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