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Monday, December 24, 2012

A Creative Way to Make Lasting Memories

Words by Alicia Clark
Photos courtesy of FlipAHit
It has become a rather common trend lately to leave out disposable cameras for guests at weddings, parties and other gatherings in order to get a wide range of pictures from people, but the creators of the online service,, are taking it one step further. For $399, Flip a Hit will lend you five HD cameras so that you and your guests can record all the highlights of your event from all different angles. When your event concludes, send back the cameras and Flip a Hit will edit together the video footage to create a lasting memory. Your $399 gives you:

· Five HD cameras
· One professionally edited highlight reel
· One year of online hosting (with unique web address)
· One click sharing
· Digital copy of raw and finished video(s)
· All fees, shipping and handling

With, you can capture moments of your wedding, rehearsal dinner or reception which otherwise might not have been recorded by a professional videographer. Flip a Hit is ideal for destination weddings because it gets guests who may have traveled to be with you even more involved in making memories to last a lifetime.

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