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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Marriage in the Ancient City of Jerusalem

Words by Alicia Clark
Photos courtesy of Brett Heidebrecht
The wedding of Mark and Kristi was a simple affair which combined their love for religion and travel. To most, having a wedding in Jerusalem, Israel seems like the exact opposite of simple, but Kristi and Mark were able to make it work.

Close friends of the couple knew the only kind of wedding for Mark and Kristi would be a destination wedding. “The people closest to us expected a destination wedding from us,” Kristi recalls. “We both love to travel and Mark grew up overseas, so this was normal to us and our close friends and family members.”

Looking to make sure things remained as uncomplicated as possible, Mark and Kristi kept preparations for the big day to a bare minimum. By not lingering on technicalities, the couple had an easy time organizing their wedding. “Because we kept everything so simple, there really was not a lot to go wrong,” said the bride, Kristi. “We booked hotel rooms for our friends and family, made dinner reservations for our rehearsal dinner and reserved a church.” By booking hotels through Trip Advisor for their guests before hand, Kristi and Mark were able to take a load off their shoulders. This meant the only thing the couple had to do once they arrived in Israel was to make arrangements for flowers and food.

Getting to Israel proved to be a bit more of a hassle than the couple had anticipated. Mark and Kristi made the unfortunate mistake of flying through Minnesota during December for a connecting flight. Their flight ended up being delayed a day due to snowy weather conditions. Fortunately for Mark and Kristi, the airline they were flying on gave the couple first class tickets to fly from New York to Tel Aviv. Not only were their wedding plans salvaged, but the couple also got to travel in style. 

Mark and Kristi’s spontaneous personalities made taking their wedding photos quite the adventure. “Not knowing where to go for our outdoor pictures was a hoot, so we asked our taxi driver and he took us to a nice garden area and dropped us at the old city so we could walk around and our photographer found all the nooks and crannies that would make for great pictures.”

Mark and Kristi’s wedding ceremony was like a dream come true for the couple. They were fortunate to have the opportunity to be married in Christ Church, which according to the locals was an extremely difficult thing to be able to do. The timing of their ‘I do’s’ couldn’t have been more perfect. "Little did we know that leaving the church after the wedding would allow us to see the most beautiful sunset over the Mount of Olives on our walk back to the hotel,” the bride said of her wedding day. “Everyone on the streets congratulated us on our marriage, which is so different from the U.S. The people in Israel love marriage and family so we received many well wishes along the way.”

Kristi urges other couples to go with the flow and roll with the punches. Whether it’s a delayed flight or making plans on the fly, Kristi encourages other couples to remember that the most important part of a wedding is the marriage.

Photographer: Brett Heidebrecht
Ceremony Site: Christ Church- Jerusalem, Israel
Gown Designer: Adriane Miller (bride’s friend)
Groom’s Clothing Designer: Polo

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