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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bringing Two Worlds Together

Words by Alicia Clark
Photos courtesy of Erika Parker
For Erica and Davide, not having a destination wedding was never an option. With Erica born in Texas and Davide born in Italy, it’s easy to see why the couple found it necessary to find some middle ground by holding their nuptials in Tarifa, southern Spain

“The engagement took place in Fiumefreddo Bruzio, Italy, and we celebrated our civil ceremony in Austin, Texas, so having the wedding ceremony in Tarifa, Spain brought things full-circle. Last, but not least, Tarifa is where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic, so it is symbolic for an Ital-American wedding.” The location of the wedding in Spain was not only chosen for it’s gorgeous scenery, but for the fact that Davide and Erica first met while studying in the country. 

Erica and Davide’s guest list included loved ones from all sorts of backgrounds. In order to accommodate the needs of their friends and families, Erica and Davide’s friend helped to create a website in three languages to “sell” the event to those who would have to travel a long way. The website featured accessibility to all necessary information including an option for guests who wished to carpool to the event. 

When it came to organizing the wedding, Erica and Davide were enormously grateful to their wedding planner. With the help of their wedding planner, the couple were able to easily arrange their ceremony in a private chapel called Capilla La Peña along with their reception at a private ranch, Cortijo El Aguilon. “We absolutely depended on our wedding planner, who was amazing. She speaks Dutch, German, English, Spanish, some French and understands Italian, so was able to communicate with all the guests. Culturally, being Dutch and living in Southern Spain she knows how to get around, understand people with more North American/Northern European mentalities, plus she very quickly “got us”. We were very fortunate.” 

For the most part, the couple’s wedding planner Jolanda Thomas took care of the logistics. When it came to catering though, the couple found it necessary to travel to Tarifa. Erica and Davide were thrilled with the food they got from Goyo Marbella catering. “The food was amazing and we got more bang for the buck so to speak.” 

Davide and Erica took steps to make sure that all of their guests enjoyed themselves despite any language differences. “Davide created the ceremony himself, incorporating readings and vows. We made a pamphlet in three languages to translate everything, including paintings from some of our family members who are/were artists. That was a huge endeavor. We also made the seating cards ourselves.” 

Davide and Erica emphasized the importance of reaching a compromise when planning for a wedding. “Find a great wedding planner, communicate communicate, communicate (with one another), don’t be too wedded to your ideas – marriage is about compromise, focus on what you and your partner want, not everyone else (although be considerate of them) and one day before the wedding let everything go and just enjoy!”

Photographer: Photography by Erika Parker 
Catering: Goyo Marbella 
Wedding Planner: Jolnada Thomas, Tarifa Events
Ceremony: Capilla La Peña
Reception: Corgijo El Aguilon
Gown Designer: Jose Maria Peiro
Groom's Clothing Designer: Giacomo Mazzali

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