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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Green Wedding Ideas: Kit Makes Packing a Breeze

Words by Alicia Clark
Photos courtesy of Green Bride Guide
Traveling can be rough going, especially so for destination brides carrying special cargo - their dresses! By checking a dress in your luggage, it could easily become lost, or by attempting to carry it on with you, your gown can go through all sorts of wear and tear. But fear not brides-to-be! Green Bride Guide has a useful, eco-friendly product which can solve all of your wedding-dress luggage woes.

The $70 Green Destination Wedding Kit is specially designed to fit into an overhead compartment and even comes with a carbon-stain stick to remedy any blemishes which your dress may acquire.

The kit itself is made out of recyclable materials rather than regular plastic garment bags, and the carbon-stain stick does not contain harmful chemicals and is gentle enough to be used against the fabric of your dress. 

The kit has a handle which can be used for easy airport maneuvering and comes with sheets of acid-free paper for easy packing. 

The Destination Wedding Kit is an absolute must for any and all brides hoping to lend a hand to the environment, while keeping their belongings safe at the same time.

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