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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Destination Wedding Las Vegas: A Classy Affair

Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of The Emerics
Neil and Ashley chose a classic locale for their destination wedding – Las Vegas, Nevada. However, this couple wasn’t interested in the drive-thru, traditional Vegas nuptials. Instead, the couple chose to say “I do” on the beautiful gardens at Caesars Palace. “Since so many of our guests were going to travel anyways, we wanted to pick somewhere fun with great weather which could also double as a Labor Day weekend vacation for our guests,” says the couple.

The couple’s family and friends were thrilled with the idea and Neil and Ashley did all they could to make the process as fun and stress-free as possible for their guests. “We let everyone know about the location decision roughly ten months before the wedding date, so they had time to prepare for it,” says Ashley. “A handful of the 65 guests who attended did voice concerns about the cost of the trip, but we tried to give first-hand budget-friendly tips about hotels, eating out and entertainment. We were also very candid with our guests about what they should expect to spend, so there weren’t any surprises when they arrived.”

A perk of choosing a destination wedding in Vegas, was that the couple worked with seasoned planning experts at both Caesars and Joe’s Seafood. “We had coordinators appointed to us for both the ceremony and reception, which really kept us on track,” says the bride. “For the ceremony, we decided on a package with Caesars…we knew we did not want to spend time focusing on all of the little details which construct a ceremony, so this option was perfect for us!

“For the reception we found Joe’s Seafood which accommodates large group dinners/parties in a beautiful private room. The restaurant holds so many events that they provided a list of vendors. We shipped all of our personal favors and decorations right to the restaurant and they put it all together!” 

The couple really only had one major hiccup throughout their planning process. About a month before they were set to say “I do,” their ceremony coordinator was switch because of department moves within Caesars. Thankfully, Ashley had kept and saved away all of her email correspondence about the ceremony plans. Because of this, it was easier than it might have been to bring the new coordinator up to speed.

Ashley and Neil have some final pieces of advice: “If you are planning a destination wedding, plan ahead! Waiting until the last minute will be extra difficult because everything will be finalized over the phone or through email. Responses will be delayed, especially if there’s a time difference. If you’re thinking ahead you will spend less time panicking and more time enjoying the experience, which is what it’s all about! At the end of the day, all of your guests will just be excited to spend the hours, day or weekend celebrating with you!” 

Photography: The Emerics
Ceremony/Reception Venue: Caesars Palace’s Venus Garden/Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab Florist: Layers of Lovely
Entertainment: All Night Long Entertainment
Cupcakes: Caked Las Vegas
Bride’s Gown: Allure Bridal

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