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Friday, January 25, 2013

Destination Wedding New Zealand: A Wedding on Top of the World

Words by Alicia Clark
Photos courtesy of Zorn Photography
The list of reasons for why I am desperate to take a trip to New Zealand is about a mile long. My top ones would have to be the ridiculously gorgeous landscape, to see some of my crazy kiwi friends and most importantly, because New Zealand is where the "Lord of the Rings" films take place (I know all the lines to the third movie, The Return of the King, by heart). 

If I wasn’t a poor college student I would follow my heart and take off to New Zealand ASAP, but seeing as I can’t, I will content myself by living vicariously through Richard and Kim, a couple who got married on Mt. Cook in New Zealand.

Choosing New Zealand as the location for their destination wedding was a no-brainer for Richard and Kim, who had been there before and fallen in love with all of the country’s natural beauty. Once they decided on New Zealand, a family member jokingly suggested that the couple get married on top of a mountain, and that is exactly what they ended up doing!

This adventurous couple left the mountain climbing to the hobbits and took a helicopter to exchange rings (no, not the ring) at Liebig Dome on breathtaking Mt. Cook. As you can see, these two were brave enough and willing to move heaven and (middle) earth to have their dream wedding.

Despite coordinating a wedding in a completely different time zone, the planning process for Richard and Kim was a relative breeze. After searching the internet for a wedding planner who would be able to help fulfill the couple’s vision, it was smooth sailing. “[Our wedding planner] established a basic schedule, to-do list and legal deliverables and was very thorough,” said the bride. “Richard took the entire timeline, various vendor locations and contact information and plugged it all into TripIt in order to create a shareable online repository for everyone to be able to reference throughout the process.

Richard and Kim’s decision to forgo typical marriage tradition, reminiscent of that of Aragorn and Arwen (except for the whole elf/king of Gondor thing) allowed the couple to focus on the most important part of their wedding, each other.

Photography: Zorn Photography
Location: Mt. Cook, New Zealand
Ceremony site: Liebig Dome, Mt. Cook
Wedding planner: The Wedding Company- New Zealand

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