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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Fateful Destination Wedding

Words by Alicia Clark
Photos courtesy of Erin H. Photography
For some couples pursuing a destination wedding, picking a location for their ceremony is one of the hardest things to do. In state or out of state? In the country or out of the country? A tropical location or a mountainous location? The list goes on and on. Luckily for Molly and Charlie, their decision to have a wedding at Congress Hall in Cape May N.J., was a choice which almost seemed like destiny.

For Molly and Charlie, Congress Hall was the only wedding venue they looked at. “Back when my sister was getting married, my mom and I found Congress Hall and instantly fell in love with it,” said the bride. While Molly’s sister ended up not getting married at Congress Hall, she confessed that in her heart she knew it was going to be the perfect place for her and her future husband..

Due to the limited availability of Congress Hall, Molly and Charlie had ten months rather than 18 months to put their wedding together. This was not a problem for the couple, who were eager to get married, but it did prove to be difficult when it came to finding a church. Because of the short notice, nearly all of the churches in the area had been booked. Lucky for Molly and Charlie, fate was on their side. “Amazingly enough, we found several priests and a deacon in Cape May County who were willing to help us.” With their help, the couple was able to schedule their wedding ceremony at St. Paul’s in Stone Harbor.

Guest transportation was easy enough for this wedding, seeing as many of the wedding party lived close by. At first, the couple had hoped that friends and family would be able to arrive via the airport in Atlantic City. Unfortunately, only one airline travels in and out of the Atlantic City airport so some guests had to make the two our drive from the Philadelphia airport to Congress Hall. “While the two hour drive from Philly was not ideal, we felt that because our guests were coming mostly for a full weekend, it made it less painful.”

Another difficult wedding decision is choosing the right vendors. By using and advice from friends and family, finding the perfect vendors was a breeze for this couple. “I tried to find two to three good options for each vendor and then decide from there so as not to overwhelm myself with options,” Molly said. Molly and Charlie stress the importance of having trust in vendors, especially when it comes to planning a destination wedding. In an effort to get more bang for their buck, the couple also stuck to a strict budget for each of their vendors.

Preparing a wedding can be a stressful affair, but with a little luck and hard work, anything is possible. As for overall advice for all you destination brides and grooms out there, Molly and Charlie had this to say: “Remember to enjoy the day, if one table number is missing or one candle isn’t placed right, you’re the only on that will notice, so just try to enjoy!”

Photography: Erin H. Photography
Ceremony site: St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church
Reception site: Congress Hall, Cape May, N.J.
Florist: A Garden Party
Invitations, programs, menus: Nico and Lala
Band: Black Tie Music
Hair and Makeup: Bella Angel

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