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Monday, October 24, 2022

2023 Engagement Ring Trends

Words by Plum Diamonds
Photos courtesy of Plum Diamonds

As soon-to-be engaged couples shop for engagement rings, Plum Diamonds co-founder Kristy Cullinane weighs in on the top 5 engagement ring trends to look out for in the 2022-2023 wedding proposal season:

'90s-Inspired Classics and White Metal: It's no secret that Gen Zs love the '90s, and we expect to see even more influences from that decade as these couples pair off. Look out for geometric cuts with settings that we'd actually consider fairly traditional: pear-shaped diamonds set atop a simple pave band, for example. We're seeing a new trend toward smaller, more restrained carat sizes, alongside white metals, especially platinum. Platinum — unlike white gold, which contains yellow gold mixed with other metals — is naturally white and doesn't require plating to stay white.

Bezels and Chunkier Bands: We're seeing chunkier bands and bezels coming back onto the scene, after a few years of a frenzy for very delicate rings. Besides being chic and a tiny bit daring, bezels are a great choice for durability. Nothing will protect your diamond more than a bezel setting, which hugs your diamond all around, protecting it. 

Going Strong - Ovals and Cushions: These two classic, soft shapes are not going anywhere. Oval diamonds are timeless because they have a graceful, elongated look that flatters the finger. We keep seeing celebrities getting engaged with their oval-cut diamond rings, as well as square cushions; with their subdued sparkle that can feel a bit vintage, they're making a steady comeback. For a while, we saw a trend toward elongated cushions (with a length-to-width ratio of about 1:2+), but we're seeing more interest for square cuts (1:1 length-to-width ratio) again! 

Yellow Gold (Still) and Recycled Gold: White-colored metals (platinum and white gold) are going strong in part thanks to the '90s comeback, but we don't expect yellow gold to drop off the radar at all. It's bold and bright, and feels organic! Recycled gold will continue to be important in engagement rings in 2023, and reusing gold that's already in circulation is important.

Goodbye Cluster Rings, Hello More Modest Centers: Cluster rings typically have a center diamond surrounded by a mix of smaller diamonds, sometimes set asymmetrically. It's a pretty, feminine look that's been trending over the past couple of years. In contrast to that, we've seen an increased interest in requested rings with one center diamond with more modest proportions instead. It's a cleaner, less organic look that might be in response to the recent economic climate or just the pendulum swinging away from the large centers and clusters from the past few years.

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