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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Eco-moon is the New Honeymoon

Words by Bamboo
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Itching to embark on an alternative honeymoon with a sustainable, adventurous focus that would make Greta Thunberg proud? Then ditch the traditional honeymoon and join Bamboo for an eco-moon. 

About Bamboo 

Bamboo founders, Colin Salisbury and Mark Foster-Murray, are passionate eco-travelers who have dedicated their 40+ years of experience to changing the way we travel and the impact we leave behind. They started Bamboo to provide travelers with tours that encompass history, culture, and sacred sites while also giving back to the local communities and the environment through impactful activities. 

Bamboo Destinations 

Bamboo offers 33 tours in nine locations. Celebrate your marriage in the Hawa Mahal in India or trek across the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal with your spouse. Love animals? Protect the turtles in Costa Rica or walk elephants through jungles in Thailand. Interested in exploring something a little more adventurous destinations? Try one of Bamboo’s tours in Tahiti, Uganda, Cambodia, Thailand, or Vietnam. Bamboo will also be expanding into Hawaii and the Philippines. 

At every Bamboo destination, travelers have the unique experience to stay with locals in their homes or in boutique bed & breakfasts and hotels hand selected by Bamboo staff to ensure an immersive experience. Every tour covers everything from in-country transport and accommodation to project fees and tour-related activities. 

Plus, if you are looking to get off the grid and really connect with the land, then you’re in luck – most of the Bamboo destinations have limited wifi so you can take a digital detox, step away from reality and enjoy your loved one in an authentic experience the two of you will never forget. But don’t worry, you can still document your trip and share on your socials at certain locations! 

Giveback Initiatives

Bamboo recognizes the need for the travel industry to not only offer take–away–experiences, but to do so whilst leaving behind a positive legacy from each and every traveler. This ideology is at the heart of Bamboo. Bamboo has: 

From working alongside local schools and installing freshwater pumps, to supporting ethical elephant camps and taking part in various aspects of elephant welfare including agricultural projects, feeding, bathing, and walking elephants, Bamboo offers opportunities to all to participate in local community projects. 

Are you ready for your eco-moon? 

Instead of spending your honeymoon at a cliche tropical beach resort, spend quality time with your new spouse exploring a wickedly cool, off-the-beaten-path destination knowing you’re doing something good for the environment and the local community. What better time than now to begin your marriage with an impactful, immersive trip together? 

Visit to plan your eco-moon!


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