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A Pinterest Inspired Wedding

Words by Jennifer Stein

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Some time ago, I had lunch with one of my tech-savvy wedding photographer friends, Melissa Jill, and she asked me if I’d been on Pinterest. To be honest, at the time I’d never heard of it. Soon she was showing me how it worked and within all of five minutes,
I was hooked. For those of you who are not familiar - Pinterest is an interactive website community dedicated to inspiration and helpful ideas through the use of pictures.

Being a “scrapbooker” of sorts, I have always found myself clipping magazine photos and ads of décor ideas, fashion and even cool itineraries which get stashed away into a sloppy notebook. This site was  perfect for me. Since then I’ve created 11 boards and pinned over 200 items (I’d have more, but being an editor and new mom, I don’t have much free time). Either way, when I need inspiration for just about anything, Pinterest is the first place I go.

When one of my closest friends, Shana, got engaged and the wedding planning began, Pinterest was the most logical place to start. It was a resource which helped her and her bridesmaids decide on dresses and helped her with décor ideas. She went from inspiration to reality fairly seamlessly - from selecting bouquets to her general color palette, all with the aid of Pinterest.

Why Pinterest is helpful for planning your destination wedding:

• Pinterest allows you to find just about any color, theme, destination and/or product you can imagine for your wedding. A simple search allows you to sort through thousands of photos relevant to your style. Shana was able to find many components for her Kaua’i wedding. “I found a lot of the artistic inspiration from Pinterest such as hair, ceremony ideas and even stationery.”

• According to Shana, it helped her get everything she needed in one place. “Pinterest made both finding new ideas and sharing my own, so much easier. For bridal parties with people located in different places, it provides a platform to visually share ideas in a very easy and fast way.”

• Because many of the products shown in the photos are linked to a blog or retail site, it’s relatively simple to find what inspires you and either buy it or duplicate it.

• Let’s say you find a dress on a website you love – for example Bari Jay – and you want to share that gown with your bridesmaids – simply enter the url for the product into “pin it” and the photo of the product will appear. If your friends are following you on Pinterest, they will be able to comment on the “pin” to say whether or not they like it. The time consuming alternative is often sending out emails and trying to track everyone’s responses.

• Pinterest helps brides see an overall “vision” for their wedding day in one concise place. It also allows you to brainstorm and edit as you go since you can add and remove pins easily.

• Because brides can upload their own images, it’s very in-tune to what’s going on in “today’s” bridal industry. It’s not just coming from bridal vendors trying to sell services or products, it’s coming from real brides who are planning their own experiences.

• The site also helps brides communicate with their grooms. Not everyone is a “visual” person by nature. By providing your groom with an overall look for the wedding, it might help translate your ideas into something he can understand.

• You can take photos with your smart phone and automatically upload it to a board.  This might be helpful if you’re dress shopping and want some of your out-of-town bridesmaids to weigh in.

• Other websites offer things like checklists or different tools, but Pinterest is special. According to Shana, “It was the only site which allowed me to manage my own custom content which was directly relevant to me and my wedding.”

• It’s not only for the DIY bride. You can be any kind of bride looking for any kind of inspiration and Pinterest can be helpful in your planning.

In the end, Shana’s wedding was a direct reflection of what she wanted and had created online. “My [Pinterest] board was just as casual and carefree as my actual wedding.”

To see how the photos shown here (which are reflective of Shana’s actual Pinterest board) translated into her actual destination wedding, order the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of Destination I Do Magazine.

To visit Destination I Do on Pinterest, go to:

For those of you who aren’t clear on how Pinterest works or are intimidated by your initial visits to the site, here are the Cliff Notes on getting started.

1. Visit and set up your account via your email, Facebook or Twitter account.

2. Once you’re on, set up your profile and begin following friends to help get your feet wet and to see what boards and pins they already have to get inspired.

3. Set up your own boards by going to the upper right corner of the screen under “add.” These boards can be anything from your wedding inspiration to places you’d love to travel to for your honeymoon. Name them something brief like “Dream Honeymoon” for best results.

4. Start pinning! You can either pin another image from a friend's board to yours or do a search for whatever you’re trying to find like “destination wedding dresses.” The prompts are intuitive, so it shouldn’t be too difficult once you’re set up. If you really get stuck, ask a friend who is active on Pinterest to show you how it works like I did.

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