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A Week In Barbados

Words by Jennifer Stein
Barbados – Your Seven-Day Itinerary
By: Shana Zalopany
Photos Contributed by Almond Resort
The Spanish call it Cielo, the Portugese say Paraiso, and the Germans refer to Himmel. In English, we say, heaven. To a destination wedding couple, Barbados is “Heaven on Earth.” Sitting on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and southern edge of the Caribbean Sea, this island destination is temperate year round with consistent surf, lush fauna, and enough pleasurable pastimes to occupy the most active of bridal parties. 
For many new couples the attraction of a destination wedding is not just the adventure of exchanging vows in a foreign location, but it’s also a stage to experience things most would not normally have the opportunity to at home. Barbados is an idyllic destination, where the people are as warm and inviting as the tropical climate.

You can ease the stress of planning everyone’s itinerary by booking your stay at one of many all-inclusive resorts on the island. The Almond Casuarina offers a resort-style experience that caters well to a group setting. With breakfast, lunch and dinner offered poolside and at oceanfront restaurants, as well as all-day room service, visitors won’t go hungry. For a more intimate setting, try the exquisite family-run Little Good Harbour, where couples can say their “I do’s” while the ocean literally cools their feet. The small cluster of guest cottages encircles the pool providing ultimate privacy to all guests. The Fish Pot restaurant is their eatery, where the waves crash right below your window seat. It is a romantic, casual and truly an unforgettable place to eat.
If you are content with a full day of sunbathing and relaxing, beaches and cocktails abound. But if you’re eager to take on a bit more action, Barbados has got that too. If you and your bridal party have a week to spend there, consider this exciting experience:
·          Day 1:  Take in the horse races at the Garrison. With wagering, drinks, local fare and celebrity-spotting, this is the perfect place to break your bridal party in to the local culture. You’ll find this race track a bit more social than what you may be used to at home. 

Day 2:
 Looking for the ultimate adventure? A couples’ surf lesson “is a chance to face something challenging together that is refreshing and exhilarating,” says Melanie Pitcher, instructor and owner of Barbados Surf Trips. This could also be an exciting adventure for the entire bridal party. Because Barbados sits out in the Atlantic, Melanie promises “swells from all directions and for all levels of surfing.” After a day of surfing lessons, what better way to wind back down than with a spa treatment at Sandy Lane Spa Resort which is nothing short of luxurious. It is the perfect place to pamper your guests with an A-list experience.   

Day 3:
 deAction Beach Shop is home to local (and international) celebrity and professional windsurfer, Brian Talma. He offers to teach you kiteboarding, windsurfing and paddle boarding. Take a lesson during the day, and spend the afternoon taking in the sunset on the upper level of his beach-front shop.

 Day 4: Barbados is very proud of its number one export, rum. and on nearly every corner of every street, you will find a rum shop. They are small, generally wood and aluminum shacks where you will find your choice of rum, beer, and sometimes, local cuisine. The rum shops are a large part of Bajan (that’s what the locals call themselves) culture, and for the properly acclimated bridal party, what better challenge than a pub crawl? With a rumored 1,600+ rum shops on the island, see how many you can find.

 Day 5 For the truly adventurous, check out Zipline Aerial Trek Adventure, where you’ll soar over treetops hundreds of feet above the forest floor. The guides are as inviting as the scenery. Once your heart has stopped racing from the excitement, head on over to one of the hottest spots on the island - Oistens, where the fishing community hosts a fish-fry every Friday and Saturday night, making this a great chance to enjoy traditional food and culture. You can also take in local music and rum, and join the party that lasts well into the early morning hours. 

Day 6/7:
 It’s what you came here to do, share your nuptials on your own slice of heaven

You don’t have to be content with an average destination wedding; enjoy all of the adrenaline Barbados has to offer. It is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience you, and your bridal party will never forget. 
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