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Adventure Weddings: Thailand

Words by Samantha Payne
Photos courtesy of Allana Taranto
Thailand Wedding Destination
Snorkeling over coral reefs through crystal waters on your wedding morning, powdery white sand massaging your feet while strolling the coastline with your loved ones, jungles of exotic fruits, palms, and flowers; what more could anyone dream of? This is why Bethany and Kyle chose the Jamahkiri Resort on Koh Tao, Thailand for their destination wedding. According to photographer, Allana Toronto, they wanted “a trip that their guests would remember…a once-in-a-lifetime experience with people they cared about.” And that it was. Undoubtedly due to careful planning by the couple, their family, and the resort’s staff, it was paradisiacal.
Protecting the coveted Carolina Herrera gown through 2 ½ days of travel, Bethany, Kyle and their entourage finally arrived and immediately set out for adventure in shopping, elephant treks, riverboat ridesAdventure Weddings, and a number of tours. “We went into a Wat where monks were chanting,” remembers Bethany. “It’s hard to describe how moving it was to be sitting among the people I love, who traveled around the world, in an ancient temple.”
Many more excursions took place, including mini-trips, hikes, restaurants, pampering, and otherwise lavishing in the vacationer’s lifestyle. None however compared to the brilliant day that lay ahead. Father by her side, Bethany explains, “as we walked down, the wind caught my veil and I looked at the perfection before me…I knew it was right.” Standing amidst tropical seascape, rings presented with orchids, and hearing their heart-felt words echoing through the warm breezes made it “more perfect than I ever imagined.” A rose-pedal walkway across the island floor laid the path to their future.
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