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Alabama is a state with a unique culture that still reflects that old fashioned southern charm. From music to literature, the locale boasts a number of festivals, venues and cultural landmarks. Additionally, it is the home to Talladega Super speedway, great college football and some of the best golfing in the world according to Golf Digest. There are also a number of historic sites and buildings, dating as far back as the civil war era. The state’s cuisine is as diverse and historic as the rest of the region, from good old fashioned American cheeseburgers (including the one that inspired Jimmy Buffet to write a song about the delicious sandwich) to nationally acclaimed fine dining, there is certainly no shortage of fabulous restaurants. Culture aside, the stunning 32 miles of coast Gulf Coast and beautiful forested regions are reason enough to venture to the Yellowhammer State. From white sandy beaches, to water parks to mini-cruises, the options on how to sit back and relax are limitless.
Time Zone: Central Time Zone
Airports: The major and international airports include Birmingham International, Huntsville International, Mobile Regional and Montgomery Regional. There are additional smaller and local airports as well.
Weather: For significant portion of the year, Alabama boasts warm, sunny says. Summer temperatures stick around a low 80’s average, generally peaking only at mid to high 90’s. Through the start of fall to November, more than a light jacket is rarely required. Winter temperatures range from the high 30s to low 50s and severely cold weather is not frequent and hardly ever prolonged. It may snow in the high altitude northern portions of the state, but it’s rare to find snow anywhere else.  
Marriage Requirements: It is important to note that the exact marriage requirements may vary within counties. However, general Alabama marriage requirements dictate that you do not have to be a resident of the state and provide a social security number. If the applicant is over 18, they will need a valid driver’s license of birth certificate. A copy of divorce decree will be required if you were divorced within six months of your wedding date. If you have been divorced within 60 days of your wedding date, section 30-2-10 of the Alabama Code restricts the marriage.

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