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The spectacular red rocks of Sedona, the majesty of the Grand Canyon, the pristine beauty of the Sonoran desert all make Arizona a great place to consider when planning a destination wedding.   The consistent sunny and dry weather make it a perfect place for an outdoor setting, without stressing about plan “B.” (Although nothing is 100%!).

Arizona is also home to many luxury resorts where you can plan an amazing wedding ceremony and reception.  Your guest will be delighted to hear that you have chosen a place with year-round golf, award winning spas and superb cuisine.  

Quick Facts

  • Time Zone:  Mountain Time Zone (does not participate in daylight savings time)
  • Airport:  Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Tucson International Airport
  • Weather:   A “dry heat” is typically what most people associate with Arizona, but the climate is actually very varied depending on location and elevation..  Temperatures in the summer in central Arizona are often over 100° during June, July, August and part of September.  At the higher elevations in Arizona, even the summer months are comfortable, and in the peak Arizona seasons of late fall, winter and early spring, the temperatures throughout the state are very cool.  The higher elevations get snow in the winter.

Marriage Requirements

Application for marriage is made at the county clerk’s office and both the bride and groom must be present.  The legal age to be married is 18 and a birth certificate or valid driver’s license must be presented.  There are no residency requirements or waiting periods, required blood test or medical exams.  The license is valid for one year from the date of issue.

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