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Monday, November 18, 2013

Turn Your Photos into Unique Gifts

Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Artifact Uprising

Thanks to the increased quality of smart phone cameras, and technology and social media-savvy couples, there has been a major uptick in fun and creative things to do with your photos – especially wedding and honeymoon photos. Artifact Uprising is one such example and is an online company which takes your photos and allows you to create unique, one-of-a-kind keepsakes with them. Perhaps best of all, this company also places enphasis  on being eco-friendly.

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If you’re big into social media, Artifact Uprising allows you to create a number of products by using your Facebook and/or Instagram photos. Many of these keepsakes are also perfect for immortalizing your favorite wedding photos for yourself, or as a “thank you” gift to others. Uploading your images to Aritfact Uprising’s website is easy and fun, and you can create your custom photo gift in no time.

Some of the more popular products are hardcover books (starting at $69), softcover books (starting at $12.99), wooden boxes ($95), wood calendars ($24.99) and wood block + prints ($21.99). The books made through Artifact Uprising are each made with recycled paper and the wood gifts are all handcrafted from reclaimed Mountain Beetle Pine. We received a sample of Artifact Uprising’s Mountain Beetle Pine wood box with an image imprinted onto the front and it was both very tasteful and well made – definitely a beautiful option for a gift.

To begin shopping or for more information, please visit either from your home or mobile device.

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