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Australia is a vast continent with much to capture the imagination of a couple planning a destination wedding.  Whether it is the stunning beauty of its mountains, adventurous and exotic places to explore like the Great Barrier Reef, the rich diversity of its people, captivating culture, or unspoiled wilderness, Australia is an exciting place to visit and a wonderful place to start your life together.

Australia is the sixth largest nation in the world, and is made up of over 2,000 islands.  It has more National Parks than any other country and boasts diversity in its people, flora and fauna.  You can find the sophistication of Sydney and other major cities, but parts of its unspoiled wilderness can only be accessed by camel or 4-wheel drive.


Quick Facts

  • Language:       English
  • Passport:        Yes
  • Currency:        Australian Dollar
  • Time Zone:       There are three time zones in Australian Eastern Standard Time, Australian Western Standard Time and Australian Central Standard Time.  Daylight Savings Time is observed from October to March and only in New South Wales, ACT, South Australia and Victoria.
  • Airport:    All the state capitals have major airports.Weather: Because of its size, the climate in Australia is varied.   The Outback is hot and dry; the Southern half of Australia has warm summers and mild winters. To the north, you only have two seasons; a dry season and a wet one. The wet season brings with it monsoon rains and even occasional tropical cyclones.
Marriage Requirements

To be married in Australia, you must first submit a Notice of the Intended Marriage at least a month before the planned date of the marriage, which must be signed by you and your planned spouse and an Australian Consular Official or Diplomatic Officer.  Identification is required in the form of a passport or birth certificate. You must submit within 14 days an official certificate of marriage to a district registrar in order to make your marriage official. You must be 18 or older to marry without parental consent.  It would be wise to contact your Australian Consular Official for more details regarding paperwork and required documents.


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