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Mystical and beautiful are words used to describe Bali, where you can exchange vows in a lavish resort, a private beach, a private villa, or while seated on an elephant.  Perhaps you really want to integrate the native culture and experience an authentic wedding Balinese style.  Your romantic destination wedding dreams can come true on this Island paradise.

There is plenty to explore on the island with a number of volcanic mountains (some active) in the center and unspoiled coral reefs encircling it.  You will find both black and white sand beaches to sink your toes into!  It is a surfer’s paradise and incredible diving close in to shore.  You will not have to worry about your guests getting bored – but be sure you do not indulge in raucous laughter as the Balinese consider that a sign of mental instability. 

Quick Facts

  • Passport:  Yes
  • Currency:   Rupiah
  • Languages:  Balinese and Indonesian
  • Time Zone:  UTC +8
  • Airport:  Bali International Airport in Tubin
  • Weather:   Bali is close to the equator so it has a tropical climate and enjoys an average year round temperature of 87°F. The wet season lasts from October through April when you can expect daily rain.  The dry season is between May through September and you may have nighttime or early morning showers.  The mountain regions are cooler than the coastal areas.

Marriage Requirements

Marriages may be performed for any of the following religions recognized by the Indonesian Government: Christian (2) (Protestant and Catholic), Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist.  It is, however preferred that the couple be of the same religious belief. The marriage should be registered with the district Civil Registrar and the ceremony must be performed under religious rites. 
It is required that all foreigners planning to marry in Indonesia obtain  a letter from their Consulate or Embassy representative in Indonesia stating that there is no objection for you to get married in  Indonesia. You will also need to present passports, birth certificates, evidence of religious faith (i.e. baptism certificates), information about your occupation and residency, and divorce or death decrees if previously married.  In addition you will need to provide eight photographs (6x4cm) of you both standing side by side and looking straight ahead.  The photographs will be attached to your wedding certificate and need only show your head and shoulders. Two witnesses must be present at the ceremony and you will need to provide their names, addresses and professions.

Religious ceremonies may have additional requirements to it is important to investigate this and provide ample time to go through the process.  It is also highly recommended that you work with a wedding coordinator who is familiar with the legal requirements of being married in Bali.

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