Destination I Do

A Beautiful Brazilian Wedding

Words by Kate Darnell
Photos courtesy of Sam Hurd

A night out on the town proved to be the fateful evening Dante and Renata would fall in love. Dante was a bass player and Renata happened to be at the very pub where his band was performing. From that moment on, they were always together. “It’s funny because we both hate going out, and met in a crowded pub. I still can’t believe our luck: in a city with over 20 million people, we would meet that easily,” says Renata.

Proximity and romance were the deciding factors for why the couple went with
a destination wedding. Much of their guest list lived far from them, so a wedding away already made sense. When it came to where, they had a special garden they spent an afternoon in at the very beginning of their relationship which turned
out to be the perfect place.         

Unfortunately, planning the wedding was not the easy part for this bride, since many of her vendors were from other cities. “During the previous year, I flew to Campos do Jordão four times to be able to organize everything. I’m lucky I have a very talented friend of mine who helped me with all the planning.”

Some say rain is a lucky thing on a wedding day, and for this beautiful (yet unexpecting) couple, it poured. Renata turned her frown upside down despite her initial devastated reaction.         

“I cried a lot when I realized things wouldn’t happen the way we had dreamed and worked so hard for, but then I remembered my friend saying months ago, ‘Renata, promise me you’ll be happy and enjoy your day despite any problems.’ Then, before my entrance, while I waited in the car under the rain, I decided to be happy. I decided to focus on what really mattered, which was all those loving people waiting there for us, to celebrate our happiness.”

After moving indoors, they went on to have an “intimate and personal” ceremony and threw tradition out the window. “We decided to invite my best friend and my dad to be our celebrants. There were no formalities and everybody cried and laughed a lot during our ceremony,” recalls Renata.

To cap-off an unforgettable celebration, the couple had an amazing evening eating and dancing the night away. “It was much better than we could have ever imagined,” says Renata.

VENDORS: Photographer: Sam Hurd, Ceremony/Reception Site: Amantikir Garden, Gown Desingers: (Ceremony): Cymbeline, and (Reception): Lover, Groom's Clothing Designer: Alexandre Won, Hair Flowers: A Modista, Catering: Zest Cozinha Criativa.

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