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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Best Honeymoons Throughout Europe

Words by Jess Signet

The vows have been said, the rings have been exchanged, the cake has been cut...and it's time for the honeymoon. Where do you see yourself – relaxing on a beach? Laughing on a cruise? Wandering cobblestone streets? You have endless options for honeymoon destinations, but which one is right for you? Here are some ideas for the best European escapes:

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Romantic Pick: Rural France

According to many, the French language is the most romantic-sounding language in the world – but it's not just the language that's enchanting. You could head to Paris for your honeymoon and stay in the capital of romance, but we much prefer the idea of getting out into the countryside, staying at a chatêau and having an idyllic honeymoon away from the bustle and fuss of the city. The vineyards make the perfect backdrop for wine-tastings, horseback riding or whatever else lights your fancy.

Cultural Pick: Italy

You can hardly take a step in Italy without bumping into some historical building or ruins, but for your honeymoon, do something a little more special and get out of Rome and Venice. Instead of bumping elbows with a thousand other tourists, check out historical cities like San Gimignano, colorful coastal towns like Procida or storybook Alberobello. Visiting these smaller places will not only be less of a headache, you'll also get more of a feel for the local flavor of life. Wherever you end up, you're guaranteed to meet some fantastic locals, see some beautiful villages and probably gain a few pounds!

Photography Pick: Scandinavia

Of course, there's no shortage of beautiful places in Europe, but really, it's hard to take a bad photo in Scandinavia. Maybe you're looking to take a lot of photos to document the beginning of your lives together or maybe you just want to make all your friends jealous – you're sure to find what you're looking for here! Even the capital cities across the region are lovely, but if you get a little out into the countryside, you'll find plenty to marvel at. Can't decide where in Scandinavia to go? Consider taking a cruise. The coastline is breathtaking, all dotted with small, colorful villages and you'll get to see plenty of interesting ports.

Beach Pick: Greek Islands

Of course, anywhere along the Mediterranean is the obvious choice for Europe's beach pick, but with good reason. Head to Greece and you'll have lovely weather, beautiful beaches, delicious food, tasty wine and a ton of great scenery all thrown together. Santorini is a popular choice for its spectacular sunsets, but you could also choose to do a little island-hopping and see a few different islands – Crete, Rhodes, Mykonos… Actually, there are thousands of islands in Greece, so you definitely have options! It's not just about beaches either: many of the islands have interesting historical sites to visit as well, and again, did I mention the excellent food?

Winter Pick: Swiss Alps

If you decide to take your honeymoon during the winter, there's no better place than a quaint village in the Swiss Alps. Spend your days skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating or participating in a myriad of other winter activities – or just kick back and relax in the hot-tub. And hey, the cold weather outside means it's the perfect time of year to cuddle inside the lodge drinking hot chocolate and streaming movies. Make sure you have a VPN on your tablet first, so you can bypass Netflix's geo-restrictions, and you're all set for a peaceful, romantic afternoon. 

Off-the-Beaten-Path Pick: Turkey

Although technically Turkey straddles both Europe and Asia, it's definitely worth including on this list. It's a bit more budget-friendly than some of the other picks on this list and it's too-often overlooked as a honeymoon destination. Istanbul is a fun and interesting city and there are plenty of sights and activities around the country for any style of traveler. Check out the beaches or the historical sites (remember, Istanbul was once the Roman city of Constantinople – there's plenty of Roman ruins here just like there are in Italy!) and a sunrise hot-air balloon tour over Cappadocia can be very romantic!

With countless options for honeymoon destinations, you might feel as though you're better off just throwing a dart at a map and seeing where it hits. But, your honeymoon should be the trip of a lifetime; it may not be something you want to leave entirely up to chance! Instead, figure out what style of travel you're looking for and pick your location accordingly. Don't fret too much, though:  wherever it is, you'll be there with the one you love. 

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Selden Vestrit, Antonio Cinotti, Milton Correa, Aitor Garcia Viñas, Marcus Rahm & Mr Hicks46 

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