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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Destination Wedding India

Words by Alicia Clark
Photos courtesy of Erika Parker Photography

Marriage is all about the joining of two people who love one another, surrounded by family and friends to cheer them on as they embark on the rest of their lives together.

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For some couples this means having a wedding on a completely different continent as was the case for the wedding of Arti and Karthik in Hyderabad, India.

“Both of our parents grew up in the same city in India and even though we live in the United States, we found that Indian weddings are much more festive in India,” the couple said.

Having a wedding in India was the perfect compromise to hold a majestic ceremony which older family members could attend without worrying themselves with travel. Another advantage to having a wedding in India was that it made last minute planning a breeze.

“India is the only place where we were able to plan last minute things, such as the groom riding up to the wedding ceremony site on a horse, just three days before the wedding!” the bride said.

Planning a destination wedding in a different country can be tricky, but if you are lucky enough such as this couple to have friends and family living in the country it can take a bit of a load off.

“My mother had gone to India about eight months before the wedding to check out the reception sites and tentatively book a location, look at the hotel rooms and start looking for clothing designers,” the bride said.

“If a family member or friend lives in the destination… Put them to work!”

Attending guests worked together to ensure that everyone would be able to make it to the wedding. Guests who already live in India arranged rides for travelers coming from the airport and assisted in booking hotel rooms.

For Arti and Kathik’s wedding, they shut down a busy street in order to have a “Bharat,” consisting of the groom’s horse, a band, and guests dancing their way through the street from the hotel to the wedding hall, something that never could have happened in the United States.

But with the ups of having a wedding in India, there were also some down sides.

“Most people in India run on ‘Indian-Standard-Time’ so we were worried that the priest who was marrying us would be late,” the bride said.

“We were especially worried because the Indian tradition of tying the knot around the bride’s neck (similar to putting a ring on one’s finger in American weddings) must be at an exact time of say based on the couple’s horoscopes,” the couple said/

“Ours was at 10:11 a.m. and luckily our priest was there well before time!”

Arti and Karthik’s wedding in India was everything they could have asked for and more. They were able to spend time with friends and family in the beautiful country that they love, making for a day they are sure not to forget.

“Our guests and family still talk about how wonderful our wedding was even though it has been months since our wedding date!” the couple said.

Arti and Karthik may have even inspired future destination couples!

“Our younger family members all want to get married in India now after seeing how incredible our wedding experience was.”

 Vendors: Photographer: Erika Parker, Gown Designer: Tarun Tahiliani, Groom’s Clothing Designer: Mebaz 

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