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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ten Tips for Dreamy DIY

Words by Something Turquoise
Photos courtesy of Hitched Studios

The fabulous Jen with Something Turquoise sent along these fabulous DIY tips for all our destination weddings brides! Read on to learn how to turn your creativity into the destination wedding of your dreams!

Planning a destination wedding can make your special day wonderfully romantic and extremely personal. But being able to incorporate DIY details into an event that you are planning hundreds of miles away from home can get tricky. Use these 10 tips below, to easily add the DIY element to your destination wedding!

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1. Only DIY the small things. Like reception chair signs, the cake topper, simple seating cards or guest book; making items that will be easy to travel with is very important! 

2. Make 'welcome bags' for your guests to receive in their hotel rooms when they check in. They have traveled a long way to be a part of your celebration so welcome them in style. These can be easily assembled when you arrive. If you are the hardcore type of DIY bride, make sure to arrive at your destination a few days early so you will have time to put together all your projects stress-free.

3. Incorporate a local favorite item as your wedding favor – pick them up a day or two before your wedding, add a pre-made tag (possibly even a seating card) and you’re good to go! 

4. Check ahead with the airlines about carry-on rules. Most of the time it is cheaper to ship all your DIY wedding goodies to your wedding planner at your destination.

5. Make your own wedding website! Add the url on your wedding Save-the-Dates, Bridal Shower and Wedding invitations – that way your guests can easily keep up on all your celebratory plans. Having all that special information available online will make things easy on your guests.

6. Start the travel excitement early and embrace the destination wedding theme with all your invitations from engagement party to wedding. You could make faux airline tickets... possibly even have photos taken of you with suitcases, or maybe make cute cocktail picks with a flare from where you are traveling to. The options are almost endless.

7. DIY your beauty needs... do your own mani-pedi, and do your own hair and makeup! Why not? You know how you look the who better to trust. Possibly even make your own jewelry and/or hair piece, making items for yourself and your groom is a terrific way to add the DIY element to your special day. 

8. Make your destination location part of your wedding theme and embrace the local culture... use local items as your decor, serve local beverages, enjoy local music, etc. Your wedding planner at your destination should be able to work side by side with you on this.

9. Have your wedding photographer take a special picture of you while you are at your destination (wedding attire or not) that you can make into personalized “Thank You” cards after your wedding. 

10. Bring back mementos from your special destination wedding to save in a memory box. Tickets stubs, receipts, sand, flower petals, champagne corks, all the goods and make yourself a cute little box or glass jar to display your romantic memories in when you get home.

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