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Friday, October 18, 2013

A Sophisticated Southern Soirée

Words by Taylor Wilson
Photos courtesy of Lukas & Suzy VanDyke

A southern girl at heart, Briana felt passionate about marrying the love of her life and her best friend, Josh, in her hometown of Boerne, Texas, despite their newly established roots in California. Even though Josh’s friends and family had to travel from Los Angeles, hosting a destination wedding where Briana grew up was well worth the extra expense.

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The most difficult aspect of planning the destination wedding for Briana was the fact that she was still in school. The couple, who met in Santa Clara at school, had to manage planning the wedding while balancing their educational priorities. It was mostly difficult for Briana not to be able to see what was going on first hand and blindly make decisions. However, Briana’s family certainly stepped up to the plate and helped with whatever they could to assist the couple in the planning process. “My parents live in the same area where the wedding took place, so it was somewhat easier to have [my mom] deal with the details and coordinate with vendors,” explains Briana. 

Briana’s mom was incredibly hands on when it came to helping with the event. The mother-daughter dynamic duo designed and assembled all of the centerpieces themselves. Using various elements they found at thrift stores and around the house, they were able to make darling displays that added a vintage DIY element to the reception. Different elements like lampshades and birdcages created incredibly unique arrangements that showcased Briana and her mom’s creativity. In addition to the centerpieces, the couple wrote thank you notes placed at each seat, expressing their love and appreciation for each guest and thanking them for the roles they have played in the couple’s life.

Although Briana and her mom did much of the work themselves, they did hire a wedding planner to help kick all of their ideas into gear. “I think it is so helpful to have a third person available to plan and organize. I realize now that my mom and I could not have even tried to plan the wedding we did plan without someone moving us along. We were constantly coming up with new ideas, but had no clue how to execute them. It was extremely helpful to have a person that would iron out all the kinks.”

In the end, the most precious aspect of the wedding to Briana was the opportunity to host a destination wedding in Texas with her family and friends. Although this meant sacrificing some of Josh’s loved ones, it was a compromise that meant the world to Briana.

Briana urges other brides to thoroughly enjoy each moment of the process. “Looking back on the day of the wedding, I realized that what matters most is making memories with the ones that you love and what an amazing gift it is to spend the rest of my life with my best friend! If the material things are getting in the way of you enjoying this special time, then drop that idea! It’s not worth sacrificing a joyous time for stress. You’re committing your life to someone you chose to love, who loves you back just as much and you’re celebrating it with the people that made you who you are today!”

Vendors: Photographer: Lukas & Suzy VanDyke, Wedding Planner: Becky Turturro and Beryl Hartwig, Ceremony/Reception Site: The Kendall Plantation, Gown Designer: Vera Wang and Briana Tejada, Groom's Clothing Designer: J.Crew, Florist: Allysa Stanly, Catering: Black Tie Catering 

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