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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Plan the Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Words by Taylor Wilson
Photos courtesy of The Bach

When it finally comes time for you and your guy to tie the knot, it’s obvious that a bachelorette party is in order. Although this is a time for celebration, bachelorette parties have become more and more elaborate, adding unnecessary stress to the planning process.  Luckily The Bach has launched their first online service, alleviating the hassle of planning your last hurrah with your girlfriends before your destination wedding.

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Free and user-friendly, The Bach allows you to search through lists of restaurants, bars, spas, party busses, activities and adult venues in the top 85 destinations in North America. You can even create a group itinerary to coordinate with a group of guests.

Whether you are planning a simple girls night out or a more extreme weekend extravaganza, The Bach has got you covered.  This unique party-planning tool will allow you to plan the ultimate bachelorette party hassle-free. Visit today to get started.

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