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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mixteka: A Virtual Wedding DJ

Words by Natalie Long
Photos courtesy of Mixteka

Mixteka is a great solution to having your wedding music - your way. Mixteka is a virtual DJ that allows you to control what is played. Choose from millions of songs for each and every part of your special day, from cocktail hour to the money dance and have your guests recommend songs and even share why it is important to them. Mixteka also allows a pre-recorded Emcee announcement at any point of the day. So grab your significant other and dance the night away to all your favorite songs. 

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How it works:
1. Create an event
2. Invite your guests to recommend songs
3. Easily select and manage music
4. Unlimited music playback event day

Mixteka is a music mastermind that can give you all of your favorite jams for your perfect wedding day without the worry of what will play next. The all-inclusive package is $149. They will send you the mobile device and player with the app already installed and ready to go. Visit for more information. 

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