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Monday, March 19, 2018

Custom Wedding Stationery

Words by Sedona Rose
Photos courtesy of Drawn by Kate P. Davis of Pickett's Press

When it comes to planning destination weddings, the first step is the announcement. There are so many special keepsakes that come with weddings and stationery is a must. Of course, all couples want their own style to shine through, but how do you distinguish yours from the pack? Look into Pickett’s Press.

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Pickett’s Press is an on-trend company that offers a wide selection of custom engraving, letterpress and digital printing, as well as a home and gift line. Every item at Pickett's Press is hand drawn. Not only is there an extensive design library, but the company offers in-house illustrators that can make your vision a reality. Pickett’s Press has any and all colors and motifs and they offer a huge selection to choose from.

All of the sketches can be printed and put on to all of their products, so don’t count them out after the stationery! They offer everything from barware to candles, cosmetic bags, napkins, placemats, playing cards, trays, wrapping paper, journals, luggage tags and so much more. All of these can make great party favors, gifts, and anything else necessary for the perfect wedding.

Founder and illustrator, Kate P. Davis, of Pickett’s Press says, “I spend so much time drawing motifs and coming up with new little animals or cute objects to sketch that I start to think of the Pickett's Press extensive design library as family. For instance, the frog I drew for a client 10 years ago feels like an old childhood friend, whereas I feel like I'm still getting to know the new holly berry motif I drew just last year.”

It is clear that a lot of thought and imagination is poured into Pickett’s Press, which makes it all well worth it. Davis further expresses that once an image is sketched, she gradually works it into the Pickett's Press product library for others to see and select. “Generally, we start out with stationery, but often an icon works really well as a repeated pattern on journals or platters.”  Speaking of other items, Davis says that some of her favorite work is commissions of houses or boats from her clients. Davis says, “I take an idea, locate the object of that idea to sketch, do the sketch and lastly translate that sketch into a digitally rendered icon, which can be printed and put on products. Then designing the product, colors, size and fonts with that image is an extensive, intensive and fun process.”

Check out Pickett’s Press and look through countless blog posts, designs, real bridal examples, and get inspired for your own custom creation.

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