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Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Site for Wedding Inspo & Info

Words by Courtney Kellar

Thankfully, there are more online sites and resources than ever before to help you plan your dream destination wedding. It’s common that these sites cater to one service or another – inspiration or vendor databases. But, what if you want a one-stop-shop? A place where you can find inspiration you love and also discover the local vendors who helped to create that beautiful event. Enter Borrowed and Blue. 

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Founded in 2011 by a couple planning their own wedding, is a service that blends beautiful photos and inspiration with specific information on the vendors who serve that particular destination. The site currently has 66 different areas to search within. Select the area you are interested in for your destination wedding and the site populates real weddings from the area, suggested color palettes, as well as various vendors sorted by category.

See a photo you find particularly inspiring or that captures your wedding vision? Borrowed and Blue will have the names of all the participating vendors listed with their background and contact information. Visit to learn more and to explore potential destination wedding locations.

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Mariah Milan (1st & 3rd) and Viera Photographics (2nd).

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