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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Create Your Own Video!

Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Brinno

Your destination wedding photographer will capture countless priceless moments on your wedding day, but what about after they leave or the events at which they aren’t present? We have a creative solution for capturing all the moments you don’t want to miss – without being stuck behind a camera lens all night. The Brinno Party Camera is a fun and easy way to take thousands of images of your wedding reception, rehearsal or whatever you want, all of which will be instantly converted into a time lapse video.

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Once you set the camera up in your desired location, it will continually spin 360 degrees every 60 minutes, creating a panning effect in a time-lapse video. As you and your guests party the night away, the Brinno Party Camera will capture every moment which you can quickly and easily play back later. You can set up the camera on a reception table, near the dance floor, or wherever you want. Then, after the wedding, share the video with your guests and you can all enjoy a surprise replay of the evening’s events.

The Brinno Party Camera is ideal for panning crowds with a wide angle lens of 140 degrees, creates sharp images even in low light with a large aperture of f1.2, and has a long lasting battery life which can capture up to 270,00 photos! Set the camera to your desired speed and it will take continuous images which will be instantly converted into a time-lapse video when the time is up.

You can also use the camera even after the wedding is over. How about on your honeymoon? Set the camera up on your patio to capture stunning footage of rolling waves or stunning sunsets. The camera retails for $253 on Amazon or click here for more information and all the camera’s specifications. You can also view some example videos for inspiration. Happy Partying!

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