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Ask a dozen people to describe California in just one word and chances are you’ll get 12 different adjectives, each spot on. It’s the Beach Boy’s state of tall palm trees, rolling green golf courses, dry and dusty desert, misty shorelines, farmland, vineyards, the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite, Death Valley, Joshua Tree National Monument -- oh, and don’t forget two of the United State’s most culturally significant cities -- Los Angeles and San Francisco. California is a gem of a destination wedding locale for just such a reason – the options are endless.

Quick Facts

Marriage Requirements

The legal age for getting married in California is 18.  You do not have to be a resident of California, however if either or both of the couple are under 18, they must have parental consent.  There is no waiting period to obtain a license, but both the bride and groom must present themselves at the county recorders office of the county that they intend to be married in and have a valid photo ID.  The license is valid for 90 days.  If either the bride or groom was married previously, they must present a divorce decree or death certificate when applying for the license.  The marriage officiant who performs the marriage ceremony is required by law to complete the marriage license and return it to the County Recorder’s office within 10 days of the event for registration.

Fees and hours of operation may differ by county so call for current information before applying. Contact information for all county clerk/recorders offices can be found on the California Department of Health website:

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