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Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a land with rich diversity and activities range from climbing to the summit of a volcano to white water rafting to a butterfly farm. Amazing natural beauty, friendly people, beautiful beaches, scuba diving and bird watching are just a few of the reasons that Costa Rica is becoming a popular travel destination.

Getting married in Costa Rica will be an unforgettable experience where wedding crashers tend to be exotic animals and butterflies.  Venues include mansions to beaches and everything in-between.

Quick Facts

  • Language:       Spanish
  • Passport:        Yes
  • Currency:         Colon
  • Time Zone:        UTC-6
  • Major Airports:  Juan Santa Maria International Airport
  • Weather:   Costa Rica has a tropical climate and is located fairly close to the equator. The average annual temperature ranges between 71°F and 81°F with the coolest months from November through January, and the warmest from March through May.  The mountain areas are cooler and the capital of San José has a mean annual temperature of 69°F.  The rainy season is from May to December.

Marriage Requirements

It is recommended that you use a wedding planner or lawyer who is familiar with the legal nuances and documentation for being married in Costa Rica as some are unusual.  There are no residency requirements but it is recommended that you allow at least one month before the ceremony to send the required documentation. 

On the day of the ceremony you will need to have two witnesses and they cannot be close family members so it is recommended that friends serve in this role.  At the conclusion of the ceremony the couple will sign two documents.  One is a sworn statement confirming your marital status and the other is a marriage document that is submitted to the Civil Registry of Costa Rica for processing.

There is an unusual law in Costa Rica that prohibits a divorced woman from being married less than 300 days from the date of the divorce. A divorce decree is not required but you will need to provide the date, place, name of court that decreed the divorce, and full name of ex-spouse, so that it can be included it in the sworn statement.  If the marriage is to take place before the 300 days have elapsed, two pregnancy tests must be conducted by two different physicians who certify the negative results.  Then there is a complicated process for submitting the results to the Costa Rican government.  (Please be sure to work with a wedding coordinator or lawyer if you are in this situation.)

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