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Customized Bachelor Party

Words by Audi Taraldsen
Photos courtesy of Tree Tops Resort

Destination bachelor parties are becoming more popular and grooms are getting creative in choosing where to celebrate before tying the knot.

In other parts of the world, the traditional bachelor party is organized around the activities the bachelor has participated in throughout his life and the hobbies he loves.

For example, let’s say the bachelor loves travel, camping, micro-breweries, mountain biking, pizza, fly-fishing and golfing (and his fiancé, of course). The best man then takes the groom-to-be’s interests into account and decides that it has to be a destination bachelor party.

They decide on the ultimate luxury camp spot: Tree Tops Resort in Northern Michigan. The resort is famous for its five championship-caliber golf courses, a sports bar with 50 different types of bottled beers from around the globe, the North Central State Biking Trail, world-class fly-fishing and daylight which lasts until 10 p.m. in the summer.

The plan is simple: without a minute to lose, a car from the resort picks them up at the airport and drives them to the trails where mountain bikes and Camelbaks filled with beer await. After hours of heart pumping excitement, they head back to Tree Tops Resort to relax and unwind. Later, a driver takes the group to the Tree Tops course which is ranked the number one par-three course in America. After a  long day of biking and golfing, the gang ends up at the clubhouse telling tall tales and reminiscing about old times.

The following day starts at noon, meeting fly-fishing guide Phill Croff and his crew. It is a spectacular fishing experience drifting down the river in his hand-made drift-boats. The guides set up camp and in the evening, tenderloin steaks are grilled over the campfire. To wrap up an already action-packed weekend, the group goes out for night fishing, complete with cigars and old whisky.

With a little creativity and a genuine attention to the bachelor’s life and interests, you can create a bachelor party which will not soon be forgotten. 

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