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Bridesmaid Dresses - Seamless Silhouettes

Words by Kelli Donley
Photos courtesy of Bari Jay Bridesmaids

You are hemming and hawing over having a bridal party. On the one hand, you dream of having your BFF’s – teary-eyed and beaming with pride – strut their stuff down your matrimonial aisle looking primped and perfect.  Yet on the other hand, you’ve heard horror stories of what it is like to outfit a group of gals who all have different “assets”.  Agreeing on color, price and style can be laborious and cause brides undo pain and angst.


Until now.


Bari Jay Bridesmaids has created dresses styled for any woman, influenced from top trends and colors in European and American fashion.  All silhouettes are flattering and easy to wear.  So easy, in fact, girls are able to wear and re-wear the dresses for numerous occasions.


Even better, the web site for Bari Jay Bridesmaids is complete with interactive tools so you can see the dress in several colors before deciding.  They have so many styles, colors and fabrics to choose from, you’re sure to find dresses suitable for all your lovely maids without braking the bank. You can email your bridesmaids straight from the site with the styles you love to get their input.


Plus, Bari Jay has several styles perfect for destination weddings– cocktail length breathable fabrics great for casual beachside destinations, while some of their longer satin gowns complement cool temperatures or more formal events.


Just in case you fall in love with a silhouette for yourself, keep in mind most of their styles are available in white or ivory. 


Now you can rest assured that your bridal party will be well dressed, happy and ready to walk down the aisle with their heads held high – and you will continue planning your wedding, drama free!

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